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No more infamous and indecent illusion ever disgraced humanity than that the people is a herd which may be transmitted from one king to another. The sole reason why Royalty, with all its visionary splendor, its assumed necessity, the superstitious idolatry that follows in its train, was created was for the purpose of exacting from its victims excessive taxation and willing submission.

The following is the system of logic upon which are founded the claims of Royalty: As a distinction is drawn frequently between Royalty and Monarchy, we had better examine into the question of the pertinency of this distinction. But, apart from the defects of the individual, government by a single person is vicious in itself.

From one point of view, we should not, perhaps, censure kings for their savage cruelty, their brutality and their oppressions; it is not they who are in fault; it is hereditary succession: Where did he get it?

The trivial intellectual qualities that have raised these people to high positions in courts but serve to make more apparent to the public their real insignificance. By treating feminine virtues as embodied powers that exert material influence, these poets not only create powerful female characters, they also foster an ethics based on forbearance and endurance rather than governance and domination.

The Affects of the Past in Reformation England investigates how early sixteenth-century writers—including Askew, Bale, Foxe, and Tyndale—make use of the medieval structures of feeling they claim to suppress. At the same time, I must, in the midst of the popular rejoicing, express my regret that the folly of our ancestors should compel us to treat with such solemnity the laying of a phantom.

From Geoffrey Chaucer to Gavin Douglas, and from practices of witnessing to the adoration of objects: But how could they give him a right they did not possess? In the Republic of Venice there was an official whose function it was to assail all testimony, however indisputable.

It is the office of royalty rather than the holder of the office that is fatal in its consequences. A good governor by inheritance is as likely as a good author by inheritance.

For this reason, it will be noticed that the inhabitants of a monarchical country are often intellectually degenerate and are distinguished for their servile disposition.

A person educated in the belief that he has a right to command others is inevitably bound by his surroundings to lose all sense of reason and justice. While Royalty is harmful from its very nature, hereditary Royalty is, in addition, absurd and disgusting.

All French citizens have joined in celebrating the downfall of Royalty and the creation of a Republic, yet, among those who applaud, there are some persons who have not an entirely clear comprehension of their former situation or of that upon which they are now entering.

What an absurdity it is, then, to believe in his capacity for the government of a great nation! Another consequence of this baleful institution is that it destroys equality and introduces what is called "Nobility.

All Frenchmen have shuddered at the perjuries of the King, the plots of his Court and the profligacy of his brothers; so that the race of Louis was deposed from the throne of their hearts long before it was deposed by legislative decree. The story told by Montaigne of the dog Barkouf who was appointed governor of a province by an Asiatic monarch, excites our amusement.

What, however, of those rulers who have no claim to ability, and who substitute for it the vices that seem inherent in Royalty?

An Essay for the Use of New Republicans

Rather than confine women within rigid prescriptive schema, writings under consideration in this study articulate a material conception of virtue that allows women to show strength, dignity, beauty, and constancy, among other qualities. In this relation, a certain philosopher, who believed that no decree should be issued without a preliminary discussion of the question, moved for the appointment of an orator who should bring forward all the arguments that could be adduced in favor of Royalty, so that everything that could be said in its justification should be made clear to the world.

And yet the authority vested in a sovereign, must descend to his son!

The people need a King to protect them from the tyranny of the powerful. An irrational animal or a piece of lifeless rock is less dangerous to a nation than a human idol. However, you will say, there have been kings who were men of genius.

We have the following description of them in the Contract Social of J.Equality vs The Tyranny of Majority - “Tyranny of Majority” is a phenomenon in a democratic society where decisions are made by the majority group and the decision oppresses the minority group, comparable to that of tyrants.

Why People-Powered Projects Are Ruled by Tyrants. To this list of digital sovereigns we might someday add two young barons: CouchSurfing's Casey Fenton and 4chan's Christopher Poole.

Holly Crocker. Title: Professor: Department: Sovereigns, Tyrants, and Shrews in Early English Literature WGST Feminist Theory This essay collection rethinks how feelings are represented in late Middle English literature (ca. ).

Across eight chapters and an afterword, it shows that the history of emotions and affect theory. About Sovereigns and Tyrants There is a great distinction between a sovereign and a tyrant, although oftentimes people are confused by the meaning of the two. A sovereign is a leader of state that acquired his or her position by.

There is a great distinction between a sovereign and a tyrant, although oftentimes people are confused by the meaning of the two.

A sovereign is a leader of state that acquired his or her position by being elected or appointed by the people. This essay aims to examine the available evidence with a view to asking, What temples were in fact desecrated in India’s pre-modern history? When, and by whom? How, and for what purpose?

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And above all, what might any of this say about the relation- “real” sovereigns of Indo-Muslim states. Among all South Asian Sufi orders, moreover.

About sovereigns and tyrants essay
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