An opinion on marching band as a sport

Along with the music memorization, these students condition themselves to march at high step which is marching with your feet high at a degree angle while having your feet pointed down uphill, downhill and along jagged streets.

I was confident that I was going to win. It also involves memorization of sets, forms, stylistic flair and performance quality which can only be achieved by a great deal of practice and determination. Almost all weekends marching band competes and sometimes competes twice in a day. The difficulty is equal to any competitive sport.

Marching band, along with a few other athletic activities, should be in a different category than sports. It is widely assumed that marching band is just a performing art; many do not see the countless hours of hard work band members do everyday.

Once each band has performed, judges nitpick every detail about the band. Another equally important part of band is color guard. Now, as a member I can fully understand the hard work that goes into marching band.

Simply put, the hard work of marching bands rival, if not exceed, the work put in by sports teams everywhere. You are to stretch before marching band, practice, and also have competitive exhibitions.

Even more relaxed bands practice for about six hours a day. The marching band at my school has band camp for two weeks during the summer. He insisted that marching band was not a sport. But understand the same amount of time and energy that goes into soccer or football or basketball goes into band as well.

Their practices range between one to two hours a week up to two or three hours a day never exceeding eight hours a week permitted by UIL rules in Texas. How could one of my best friends say this? Was the entire band in uniform?

Every question he threw at me I ricocheted back to him. In addition, they must walk and run in a precise way and keep time, maneuver around more than other people and play your music correctly.

We do exercises to build up strength and stamina they once had us march back and forth across the field in block formation for 5 minutes at about to build stamina. Were there any notes that were played wrong?

It is absolutely a sport Marching band is a physical activity as much as a mental one. People are known to pass out from heat exhaustion and dehydration. During season, you have to memorize at least different spots and go to them in a specified order, amount of time and amount of steps.

In marching band, participants have to hold a pound instrument. In terms of time, marchers devote a decent portion of their free time to their craft.

And another time, we had to jazz run across the field for about 3 minutes at about Marching band is an activity that requires physical exertion.

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People in marching band have to make several formations and complete everything in minutes. What marching band does have is routine and competitions where the bands are judged.

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I believe that all of these different groups should get that same respect. Madison DavisStaff Writer November 10, Marching bands around the nation recently reached the end of their season.

I viewed many school football games and saw the band, but never fully appreciated their work. The band geek stereotype has led some to believe marchers are simply walking to a tempo when in actuality, marching requires much more. Not only does marching band participate in parades and football games but they also compete.

Football takes place in fall and winter, track takes place in spring and summer and marching band takes place in fall, spring, summer and fall.

Teams get judged by music and visual performance of the show. All of those long hours of practice are then showcased to the crowd; if a member messes up the band director cannot call a time-out and recuperate. With all of the similarities and requiring physical exertion along with producing a great deal of mental stress, marching band should be considered a sport.

Drum Corps International DCI has been in operation since and consists of three separate divisions in which drum corps can participate. Marching band like many other mainstream sports has its own major league.Marching band should be considered a sport. As a member of a marching band, I know that when compared, marching band is very similar to just about any sport, except for the fact that you must play.

It is absolutely a sport. Marching band is a physical activity as much as a mental one.

Is Marching Band a sport?

You have to memorize about to specific spots on a football field, and go them in a specific order in a specific amount of time and in a specific number of steps (that are evenly spaced as well), all while playing memorized music in time. Nov 09,  · Is Marching Band a Sport???


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Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in. Ohio State Marching Band "Ohio Thru History"- Halftime Show vs. University of Hawai'i 9. While band, specifically marching band, may require a small amount of physical fitness and coordination, there is no way that it can be considered a sport.

First of all, competition is. Sierra, who participated in All City for two consecutive years felt that “many people wouldn’t have considered marching band a sport; but I would feel that they would understand that marching band isn’t just standing still and playing music.

It’s more than that. Opinion Sports. Featured. Marching Band: Sport or Not? Madison Davis, Staff Writer November 10, Oh we all know this is based on opinion. Mine is that by definition Marching Band is in fact a sport. We have band camp which is 4 weeks at my school, hour days, hours a week.

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An opinion on marching band as a sport
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