Beauty inside the beast

Potts is his grandmother. She lets him rest. Belle then meets the Beast and is stunned by his appearance. The other villagers laugh at his claims, but Gaston offers to follow Maurice to find the Beast, mainly to get Belle to marry him. She takes out a pin so that Maurice can pick the lock.

Belle also meets Mrs. Belle runs away and rides Philippe out of the castle grounds. He knows she misses Beauty inside the beast father, and he gives her the magic mirror to see him.

Maurice insists he only wanted to protect her, which Belle understands. Potts explains to Belle that the Beast was not always so unkind.

Chip arrives soon after and almost crashes but is caught by the coat hanger, and they both become inanimate. The two then meet in the staircase and walk into the ballroom as Cadenza plays a tune to accompany them "Beauty and the Beast".

They sing about their yearning to become human again "Days in the Sun"and we see the young Prince looking upon his mother on her deathbed before his father pulls him away.

Belle knows what he is trying to say, and she firmly tells him that she will never marry him. Afterwards, Belle wanders into the West Wing, which Lumiere and Cogsworth had tried poorly to keep a secret from her.

Cogsworth goes to warn the Beast, but he is too depressed to care about what happens. Belle is then locked in the carriage with Maurice as Gaston leads to villagers to storm the castle.

Lumiere guides Belle out of the dungeon and into a room in the East Wing. He defends himself against Gaston and declares he is not a beast. As punishment, she turned the Prince into a hideous Beast and transformed the subjects into household objects. Potts, and Plumette all stand behind him and try to help, but Belle refuses to join the Beast as she is still tying ribbons together to make her rope.

It turns out Agathe was the Enchantress in disguise, and she restores the rose to its original look, thus breaking the spell. Maurice returns to Villeneuve and is sitting in the tavern when Gaston and LeFou return to find him, both surprised.

They break out of the carriage, and Belle rides Philippe back to the castle. Maurice tells the villagers that Gaston left him to die in the forest.

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And they all lived happily ever after. Potts frantically looks for Chip as she becomes a regular teapot. Two men run away in horror, but the third is rather pleased with his look. The wolves then attack her in the forest.

The two were originally heads of the castle before the curse transformed them. Potts falls from the chandelier, but LeFou catches her and decides to switch sides. Gaston tries to cover it up by putting on the nice guy act, but Maurice already sees who Gaston really is and makes it clear that he will never allow Gaston to marry Belle.

LeFou tries to cheer him up along with the other villagers by talking or rather, singing in detail about how great Gaston is "Gaston". The Beast takes him prisoner. Maurice rides through the forest with his horse Philippe. The Beast then transforms back into his human self. Maurice walks into the dining hall and sits down.

Afterwards, the Beast wonders to Belle if she may be happy there, but she asks if anyone can be happy if they are not free.

Belle returns home to her father Maurice Kevin Klinea music box maker. In the carriage, Belle reveals the glass rose to Maurice and that she knows the truth about what happened to her mother.

Gaston makes his way up to the tower and finds the Beast sitting sadly outside the window. Otherwise, he will be doomed to forever remain a beast.The Beast was left with a magic mirror as his window to the outside world, as well as a rose.

If the Beast can earn the love of another before the last petal falls, the spell will. Beauty and the Beast () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Oct 16,  · Celeriac is a gnarled, bulbous, ugly looking root vegetable that, once it’s peeled, tastes absolutely amazing, is one of the healthiest vegetables, and has an awesome history dating back centuries, Why it isn’t used more in many countries outside of those in Europe is beyond my understanding, as it’s nutrition alone is astounding.

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Beauty inside the beast
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