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How will the pricing and media selection choices be influenced by the positioning of the car? Through interviews with industrial designers they discovered peoples natural attraction and assumptions to circular shapes.

Both of these markets, much like the VW research showed similar persnality traits. They perceived the car to be a statement of individulaity, fun, daring, for someone who is daring and not snobbish.

Q 2 What is the appeal of the new Beetle? Exhibit 14 of the case study displays tools such as Simmons Descriptors and J. They also interviewed industrial designers and sociologists to capture more perspectives on what the cars appeal may be.

Whether they would like to go with Baby Boomers or whether they would like to with young generation. What are the advantage and disadvantage of the different positioning options: Even the company had to decide as to which media to be considered for mass appeal and reach.

The disadvantages would be: Hollensen states the third phase in the IMS model is the screening of the markets. Further the most appealing factor in the new Beetle was that it carried the same Retro look appealing the emotional quotient of the customers.

The print option would have been cheaper for the new Beetles budget and also would have had a more specific audience. The company had provided the following in the new car and the following features were kept in the car.

Bibliography Hollensen, SvendGlobal Marketing: A Decision-Oriented Approach 4th ed. They set about collecting primary data through extensive interviews, visiting 95 of the top VW dealers and drving VX over 50, miles to experience the cars for themselves.

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The products of the company were Invitational, approachable and not exclusionary. Now was the time to select and screen the best of the segment opportunities. Affordability was one of the key factors as against most of the other German cars makers who represented only the high end of the Segment.

The positioning of the car in either the 18 to 34 year old market or the baby boomer market has an effect on the pricing and media selection.

Arnold Communications found from their analysis that VW consumers in general were younger, slightly more affluent and more educated than the average car buyer. What is the appeal of the new Beetle? The pricing of the car as mentioned in the case study was always an issue of contention.

The media in which the Beetle would be promoted would also be affected. But they found specifically, and more interesting that they all shared very similar attitudes. VW had to decide where to position the new Beetle.

The companies product have been looked upon as one which offered the benefits of German engineering affordably, emotionally. Pricing of the Car: How would you evaluate the different positioning options? Through this up to date research it was now possible for VW to realistically define the market segments and to develop the most appropriate segment for them.

Television media had the maximum coverage but the cost of the same was not affordable within the budget. They used primary research techniques such as nation wide man to man interviews on the street with a wide and diverse range of people.

For the younger market, utilising the successful Drivers Wanted campaign and therefore putting the Beetle under the VW umberalla. Recollecting primary data was probably length but essential in my opinion as the modern car buyer and extent of affiliation to the VW brand may have change since the last time VW commission research.

The consumers were demographically diverse but they all had certain common characteristics like confidence, individualism and a desire for centre of attention.

Highlighting its affordable German engineering through a campaign displaying a more unique, more connected, different lifestyle.

The New Beetle Case Study

This additional information regarding each publication makes the task of reaching either of the Beetles potential markets vastly easier.

It had as much statement as a premium car but at the prices of a standard.

Beetle: The Birth, Growth, Death and Revival of a Cult Brand

The campaign succeeded in positioning VW as a rational and emotional choice for a younger consumer.This case study discusses the history of Volkswagen (VW) in America and in particular the launch and relaunch of one of the most successful VW models, the Beetle.

The New Beetle Case Study This Case Study The New Beetle Case Study and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 12, • Case Study • 1, Words (7 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1). Case study: why so many beetles?

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The New Beetle Harvard Case Study Solution Essay “The New Beetle ” (HBS) Case Study Analysis This case study discusses the history of Volkswagen (VW) in America and in particular the launch and relaunch of one of the most successful VW models, the Beetle.

The New Beetle Case Study Essay Words | 2 Pages back, Volkswagen’s decision to switch advertising agencies—from DDB Needham to Arnold Communications (AC)—was a critical step in the company’s comeback bid.

The case narrates the story of the German automobile company Volkswagen and its Beetle brand of passenger cars.

Beetle's emergence as a successful, cult brand between the late s and early s is examined in detail. The case discusses the brand positioning, advertising and promotional strategies adopted for the Beetle brand in the.

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