Common core writing activities

Common Core State Standards

In our studies, preschoolers from Head Start classrooms either played the linear numerical board game with squares numbered from 1 to 10 or a color board game that was identical, except for the squares varying in colors rather than numbers.

Journal of Educational Psychology, 1 Incorporating math play Despite the benefits of incorporating play in math lessons, teachers can find this Common core writing activities to do because of the numerous concepts and skills they feel pressured to cover during the short time allocated for mathematics.

While some teachers may easily find some creative inspiration for developing their own games, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Discussing how to use games and play in class is not only beneficial for young students but also beneficial for many of the preservice teachers.

Sample Lesson Plans to Teach Common Core State Standards

Big math for little kids. We encourage teachers to think about how they can adapt familiar games to emphasize the Common Core math standards.

In Playground Math Figure 3kindergartners practiced their one-to-one correspondence counting skills and their numeral identification skills by drawing cards that had varied numbers of items on them e. Ramani and Sarah H. Does discovery-based instruction enhance learning? European Journal of Psychology of Education, 29 3 Journal of Educational Psychology, 3 Research suggests that preschoolers given the Building Blocks curriculum made much greater progress than a control group in numeracy, geometry, measurement, and recognition of patterns.

The representational use of block constructions. Thus, the linear number board game can be used to promote the numerical knowledge of children from a range of knowledge and skill levels and can be used effectively in preschool classrooms.

American Educational Research Journal, 45, Engage parents, and make connections between the classroom and home. One strategy that can help increase the amount of play incorporated into early childhood math classes is to educate preservice teachers on the merits of using games that align with Common Core standards as a way for children to build their foundational math skills.

Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 35, After playing the number board game, children showed improvements in their numerical knowledge of the numbers fromspecifically in their verbal counting skills, identification of Arabic numerals, and their understanding of numerical magnitudes.

Teachers could include parents in a family game night at school and provide guidance for how parents can talk about math while playing games. Number board games as a small group learning activity.

Learning early math through play and games By Geetha B. Where curricular goals meet a playful pedagogy. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 32, From sensorimotor schemes to symbolic operations pp.

Student Writing Samples

As described above, games provide excellent opportunities for children to practice their newly acquired or developing math skills. The cognitive consequences of collaborative problem solving with and without feedback.Author, blogger, writing teacher, and indie publisher, Darcy Pattison ( has books in eight languages.

Recent teacher resource books include COMMON CORE ELA ACTIVITIES: Month by Month Writing, Speaking and Listening Activities Aligned with the Common Core (), and What is Common Core? The Common Core State Standards ask fourth graders to develop skills in narrative, persuasive, and explanatory nonfiction writing.

The activities. Writing and Speaking & Listening Grades K-5 Student Center Activities Aligned to the Common Core State Standards Go to: Index These activities were designed as small group activities to provide students with additional opportunities to practice skills that were previously instructed.

The Common Core feature on Super Teacher Worksheets was created in response to the numerous requests we've received for specific connections between our printable materials and the Common Core States Standards.

Common Core Standards | Common Core Activities, Worksheets, and Workbooks.

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What is the Common Core? The Common Core State Standards describe learning goals for each grade level in math and English language arts, with a focus on preparing students for college and the real world.

Common core writing activities
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