Essay on assimilation in america

In many cases parents would make their children adopt white culture as well with the hope that they will have the lives they themselves could not. Teamwork is the foundation of many different areas in our lives.

Mere intermixture of the groups to a limited degree does not guarantee assimilation. For example, we can see widespread discrimination between the Whites and the Negroes in almost all the places in the world. Unfortunately, trying to adopt American culture changed the social status of Latinos very little because they were judged by their ethnicity not the quality of their English or how well they could keep up with modern fashion.

Studies have also found that immigrants become economically assimilated after living in the United States for approximately sixteen to twenty years, reaching the socioeconomic levels of those who are native born. Kingsolver experiencing this type of tearing of teamwork within her own family, wholly describes the feeling of lacking that within her own marriage.

On the contrary, where contacts are secondary, that is, indirect, impersonal and superficial assimilation is slow to take place. As long as the dominant group is prejudiced against a particular group which is kept apart assimilation cannot take place. The ethnic identity of immigrants is transmitted to the next generation, therefore creating an American with a different set of roots.

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Through assimilation, teamwork is established and is learned. Previously, classical theories of assimilation held that immigrants became more assimilated into mainstream American culture the longer they resided in the United States. For example, children are gradually assimilated into adult society.

Generally, sociologists recognize three distinct groups of immigrants who entered the United States. As a group process assimilation encompasses life in general. There are several characteristics by which assimilation of an individual or group is measured, including language proficiency, the decision to become a citizen, and the concentration of ethnic groups in any one geographic region or area.

The formation of American culture due to the assimilation of British, Scottish, German and other European cultures also has taken several decades and centuries. The problem with Latino assimilation in America is that the majority views their culture as superior and discriminates against those who do not fit this mold.

In the religious field, assimilation may take place when an individual or a group of individuals of a particular religious background get converted into some other religious sect 6r group. Moraga is a Chicana, who grew up in California as the daughter of her two fairly well off Hispanic parents.

The idea of assimilation has been connected to the metaphor of a "melting pot," or a blurring of differences between different ethnic and racial groups, creating a society where one group cannot necessarily be differentiated from another.

In the process of assimilation the individual or group is usually unconscious of what is taking place. Assimilation is an unconscious process: For immigrant people public education has played a prominent role in providing culture contact.

Assimilation is a positive force when it is necessary, it is needed in our companies, to our marriages, and we alongside the media are the causes of these types of assimilation; Americans tendency for assimilation will remain a beneficiary factor so long as we do not loose our individuality in the process.

However, newer theories of assimilation differ. It is through this literature that we can analyze how and why Latin Americans work to blend into American culture. Teamwork is needed in every aspect of our lives, and this is done through the assimilation of ones ideas and standards.

This literature documents the day to day struggle of Latinos in America, and can give us a picture of what it must have been like to be a Latin American years ago. These groups often made their living as farmers. Most serious scholars believe that immigrant labor increases our productivity and raises our standard of living.

The speed of the process of assimilation depends on the nature of contacts.Cultural Assimilation Essay Examples. 6 total results. Cultural Identity of an Indonesian Immigrant to the U.S. staff pick. 3, words. 8 pages.

Assimilation in America

The Harsh Treatment of Aboriginal People in Canada. 1, words. 4 pages. An Analysis of the Effects of Cultural Assimilation by International Students. For many ifferent reasons Latin Americans have struggled to assimilate with the American culture for hundreds of years.

In todays America Latinos face challenges and inequities because of their ethnicity, which has been made even more evident by the current anti-immigration political climate. Immigrant assimilation is a well known process in which a group of immigrations change their culture in order to adapt with the dominant society, which are the native people of a certain country.

In the United States, this process had been widespread since the early s, where immigrants gradually become similiar with natives. Indeed, many of America's minorities have found renewed relevance and comfort in asserting their separate ethnic identities.

Commonly, immigrant parents ponder whether the opportunities in America are worth sacrificing traditional cultures, before making the move to America. Assimilation America has long celebrated education and has time and time again called it the key to success.

We have never stopped though to think if it is a choice or if we force an education on people. Assimilation is a positive force when it is necessary, it is needed in our companies, to our marriages, and we alongside the media are the causes of these types of assimilation; Americans tendency for assimilation will remain a beneficiary factor so long as we do not loose our individuality in the process/5(1).

Essay on assimilation in america
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