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Short essay on my family

Person living in family is happier than a person living alone. Specifically, my mother who do extra work to help my father greatly to make a living themselves and their children. My grandmother is also a nice woman and tells us nice stories every night.

My family is a complete, positive and happy family gives me and my sister lots of love, warmth and security. He is fond of classical music.

He teaches us about the tools of success in the life such as discipline, punctuality, cleanliness, moral, hard work and continuity. Family relationships can be because of the variety of connections like blood, marriage, adoption, etc among members of the family.

You are adored by me all. I spend period with my family to view tv set and eat gathers. She always stands first in her class. Family can be small nuclear, big nuclear or joint family types according to the number of members in the family.

It provides a better pattern of living which highly contributes to the proper growth. Many thanks, dad and mom. He is fond of talking and playing outdoor games. She goes to the temple every morning. A family plays great role in preparing the new generation child for whole life in the community.

She tells us a new moral story every-night. She has won many prizes. In some cases, high status and money earning members of the joint family generally insult low status or low money earning members. Sometimes on holidays he takes us to the cinema.

There are some disadvantages too of the joint family which are mentioned below: Like most other families in India, ours is a big joint family. He is a very cool personality and friendly person of the family however everyone of us do not have dare to go against him.

He always thinks about our wellness and takes right decision for us. My family type is a big nuclear family having six members, mother, father, two brothers and two sisters. Without them all,my life might not exactly now be as it is.

It makes a man social and intellectual. It helps in nourishing a better character person in the society. Members of the joint family become responsible and disciplined as well as everyone follow the orders of head of the family.Short Essay on My Family In English I have got a happy family comprising eight members, my lovely father is a good person, mother, sister, two brothers, younger brother, and young sister.

My Family Essay

My father is the noble person, and his name is Qasim. On the walls there are some family photos like the ones that show where my brothers and I were born, my graduation photo, some family members photos like my grandparents, and some paintings made by one of my brothers.

Also inside this room there is a nice home theater that includes a nice stereo and TV, and a new compact. Family essays I cannot imagine living my life without my family by my side. Family is very important and valuable to me and is something that should never be taken for granted.

Short Essay on My Family In English

Without my family, a large part of my life. If you have the assignment: My family English essay, we can help you.

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Feb 24,  · Sample Essay About Myself and My Family Memorable Letter to Myself - Words Remember that everything I’ll be doing for the rest of my time here, I’m doing for you, your family, and the broad community that surrounds you.

Essay writing my family
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