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I say, that the duke of Lancaster, whom ye call king, hath more trespassed to King Richard than King Richard hath doone. Upon her victory, he immediately places her in command of the army.

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Subsequently, the additions Essays on henry v that Richard is not the best possible ruler because he does not have the combination of legitimacy and political savvy. In the Chronicles, Holinshed mentions that Hal caroused with pickthanks and rabble-rousers "with whome he spent the time in such recreations, exercises, and delights as he fancied" Chronicles, p.

However although words are occasionally shown to be powerful and deeply persuasive, they also often fail in their signifying role, exposed as incapable of adequately representing reality. He has incurred the wrath of God, as foretold by Richard, York, and Carlisle 12and it seems that no matter how many rebellions he could stop with his leadership capabilities, that many more would arise, as his divine punishment dictates that he will have no peace.

If Henry had lived much longer, is seems likely that his mental state, which is a direct result of being illegitimate, would have destroyed him, and inevitably hindered his decision-making abilities, which would have been bad for England.

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Rowse, The Life of Elizabeth, [London: Bishops he warmly defended as sanctioned both by the Scriptures and the primitive church.

The Dauphin could not have made things easier for Henry. Other passages important to Tudor propagandists are: This was soon followed by In the Steps of St. In this sense, the fact that 1 Henry VI is the weakest of the trilogy has nothing to do with when it may have been written, but instead concerns only how it was written.

On What There Is. Off goes his bonnet to an oyster-wench; A brace of draymen bid God speed him well And had the tribute of his supple knee.

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Winchester, Somerset, Suffolk, even Richard. A similar point is made by Lawrence V. I, iv, To take the money of his already poverty-stricken subjects and use it to finance the war in Ireland is a politically-disastrous decision.

Journal of Symbolic Logic June15 2: In both the play and The Prince we see that the ability to influence public opinion is the key to political success, a concept that Richard cannot grasp.

He married Dorothy Vaughton born on 14 September We soon see that Hal is not simply having a good time — Hal is politically motivated: Philip of Spain had a more rightful claim to the throne, but it was still a precarious claim.

A ruler who does not understand military matters cannot be regarded highly by his soldiers, and he cannot trust them. He is already living up to the ideal Machiavellian statesman whose primary goal is "to seem merciful, trustworthy, humane, upright and devout" Machiavelli, p.

But the additions also illustrate the importance of legitimacy itself. While it is obvious that Henry feels remorse for his actions, it is not likely that this is the sole motivation for his sojourn abroad. What they do see, however, is regal Hal, in full gear, ready to fight, and they are amazed: It Tastes Like Chicken in Delos:Essays and Scholarly Articles on the Poetry and Prose Works of Renaissance Authors, including Donne, Bacon, Jonson, Herbert, Herrick, Milton, Wroth, Carew, Lovelace.

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