How to blow a bubble writing activity

I also put them into partners so they could practice blowing a bubble. They did a rough draft on a piece of paper. Anti-bullying Day was successful. The bubblegum writing activity turned out so well that I immediately knew any other procedural writing activity needed to be as hands-on as possible.

Since we were covering sequencing again this week, I figured this bubble gum activity would be perfect. There were 10 different products in total and each student completed approximately 6 activities each. I made a few changes to this lesson and I adapted it to my 2nd grade students.

First I gave my students some bubble gum Double Bubble and believe me, they were so excited! CollectCollect this now for later maryfair How to blow a bubble This activity is adorable! First we worked on our non-fiction penguin themed writing.

I got this fun gum activity from Julie Lee over at Mrs.

How-To Writing: How to Blow a Bubble with Gum

My students worked really hard this week, so to reward those little cuties CollectCollect this now for later fannie read before doing the "how to blow a bubble" writing CollectCollect this now for later kylastevens read before doing the "how to blow a bubble" writing lessons CollectCollect this now for later Andalucia Bubble Gum FUN free download!

How do you get your students excited about writing? Check out our classroom full of pink shirts. And just in case you are wondering So that is exactly what we did!

Your students can write instructions on how to Blow a Bubble! What do you do to reward your students with good behavior? CollectCollect this now for later fannie How to blow a bubble-- writing and math activity!

After we had the steps written out on the board, the children were instructed to take the steps and turn them into three to six sentences. CollectCollect this now for later mollie What a fun illustration to go with personal narrative writing.

The students loved this unit and their procedural writing as well as their reading skills certainly improved.

I have come across a few good ideas over on Pinterest and some of my favorite teacher sites. Thanks Julie for being so creative and wonderful!

When they were all done writing about How to Blow a Bubble, they did this cute little art activity to go with it. I have never seen children so excited. Click the image below to download this fun activity: I used yellow polka dot magic tape to attach to the construction paper.

She has so many great ideas! As the students finished their faces, I looped them through the mouth hole and taped them on the back. The fact that they got to chew bubblegum in class had them hooked immediately.

Then we talked about some bubble blowing tricks. I was so impressed at how darling some of them turned out! CollectCollect this now for later fannie "How to Blow a Bubble" instructional writingWriting Ideas Writing Activities Teaching Writing Teaching Ideas Expository Writing Prompts Procedural Writing Grammar Activities Informational Writing Kinder Writing Forward Creative Writing: How to blow a bubble.

May 16,  · I found The Teacher Wife‘s post on Bubble Gum Fun, who was inspired by Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten‘s Pink Day activity. Mrs. Mrs. Lee’s kindergarten class filled in the word “pink” to describe bubble gum. We used our writing journals. HOW TO BLOW A BUBBLE. to 3 friends before they could come to me to edit.

While they read their HOW TO to their friends, We are happy you liked the activity!! Reply Delete. Add comment. Load more ~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!! By this point, they were really into this writing activity and couldn't wait to get back to their own desks and begin writing down their own bubble blowing instructions.

How to Blow a Bubble {Bubblegum Writing and Craft}

We also graphed who could and couldn't blow a bubble. I was worried some students would feel bad about not being able to blow a bubble, but they weren't. With this activity, I give each kid a piece of Double Bubble Bubble Gum and ask that they chew it for ten minutes; meanwhile they are taking notes about the steps involved in blowing the actual bubble/5(10).

ninasidd How to blow a bubble - What a fun writing lesson!!! stuff Collect Collect Christinemc How to blow a bubble-- writing and math activity!

Free download! This activity is adorable! Writing. Collect Collect this now for later. rosanne.

How to blow a bubble writing activity
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