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A managerial function which implies framing of HR strategies in such a way to direct employees efforts towards the goals of an organisation is known as SHRM.

Difference Between HRM and SHRM

In human resource management, the responsibility of manpower lies with the Hrm comparison specialists, whereas in strategic human resource management, the task of managing the workforce, is vested in the line managers.

The governance of manpower of the organisation in a thorough and structured manner is called Human Resource Management or HRM.

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The process of HRM is reactive in nature. In human resource management, the Hrm comparison resource manager plays the role of change follower, i.

It entails the best possible use of limited skilled workforce of the organisation. Unlike a strategic HRM which is an investment centre. The functions of a human resource manager include planning, staffing, developing, maintaining, monitoring, managing relationships, evaluating, managing change, etc.

HRM consist of human-oriented activities like recruiting, training and development, performance appraisal, safety and health, industrial relations and so on. In human resource management, stringent control over employees is exercised. If we talk about accountability, a conventional HRM is a cost centre.

Human resource management emphasises on employee relations, ensuring employees motivation, and also the firm conforms to the necessary employment laws. A major pro of strategic human resource management is that it ascertains and analyses external opportunities and threats to the business organisation.

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Its primary purpose is to improve the performance of the business and maintain a culture that encourages innovation and works continuously to gain competitive advantage. As against this, in strategic human resource management, no such control is imposed, rather the rules for managing manpower is lenient.

Conversely, SHRM focuses on a partnership with internal and external constituent groups. It facilitates adjusting human resource policies and practices with the strategies of the organization, whether corporate or functional.

Definition of SHRM Strategic Human Resource Management, shortly known as SHRM is a function of management which entails development of policies, programmes and practices related to human resources, which are then aligned with business strategy, so as to achieve strategic objectives of the organisation.

On the other hand, SHRM is a proactive management function. The aim of SHRM is that companies must adjust their HR strategy within the periphery of overall business objectives, thus ensuring that HR practices are in tune with the strategic objectives of the organization.

It is concerned with the application of principles of management to manage organisation personnel while paying attention to the policies and systems of the entity. HRM follows fragmented approach, which stresses on applying management principles while managing people in an organisation.

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In a human resource management, the division of labour, specialisation can be found in the job design, whereas in strategic human resource management flexibility, cross-training and teams can be found in the job design.

It is a practice devised to maximise the performance of employees, i. It lays down a clear corporate strategy and vision for future.

As opposed to SHRM, the human resource manager is a change leader, i.Sage HRMS is a payroll-focused human resource management system that integrates extensive payroll functions with other HR capabilities, including benefits and tax management. Read Reviews SAP SuccessFactors.

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