Indias intra saarc trade position

Nodal Points for establishing a networking arrangement for sharing information on Mass Literacy Programmes have been identified. The Tenth SAARC Summit decided to constitute a Committee of Experts with specific terms of reference to work on drafting a comprehensive treaty regime for creating a free trade area and emphasised the importance of finalising the text of regulatory framework by the year A.

The number of products enjoying preferential treatment at the conclusion of the Second Round is more than The objective of building a region-wise consensus on social action for achieving the rights of the child and the goals set for them within the framework of the survival, development and protection strategy was addressed during three Ministerial Conferences held inand respectively.

Special Economic Zones and Indias intra saarc trade position Promotion Zones should be created in all member countries to make trading easier and smooth the relations between the South Asian nations.

SAIC also publishes a quarterly newsletter. A networking arrangement among Nodal Institutions in drug abuse prevention is being established. The responsibilities of the Centre would include undertaking research relevant to weather prediction and compiling climatological information.

India for increased intra-SAARC trade to beat slowdown

China and Taiwan have a serious political dispute, but that has not prevented them from enhancing economic cooperation. With the increased intra regional trading activities, the economic relationship among the SAARC nations is bound to be stronger in future. These conferences focused on themes such as: The Third Meeting is scheduled to be held in Kabul in The Summit urged major actors in the world economic scene to create an enabling atmosphere supportive of poverty alleviation programmes and expressed the need for a new dialogue with donors for this purpose.

In case of India military expenditure accounts for 2. While recognising, the need for better and cheaper telecom links between SAARC countries, the Council of Ministers at its Seventeenth Session Decemberdiscussed several possibilities, including a SAARC satellite; updating, expansion and harmonisation of telecom hardware in the region.

Action Committees According to the SAARC Charter, there is a provision for Action Committees comprising member states concerned with implementation of projects involving more than two, but not all member states.

Trade is an instrument of development. Over the years, there has significant improvement in the trade relations among the seven SAARC members.

During their Ninth Summit, the SAARC Leaders expressed their grave concern at the trafficking of women and children within and between countries and pledged to coordinate their efforts and take effective measures to address this problem.

The primary focus of the Committee has been on children, population welfare and policy, maternal and child health, primary health care, disabled and handicapped persons, control and eradication of major diseases in the region such as malaria, leprosy, tuberculosis, diarrhoea diseases, rabies, AIDS, and iodine deficiency disorder.

Short Essay on Role of India in SAARC

However, as a matter of fact this separation of economic and political issues does not apply to South Asia, particularly to Indo-Pak relations.

Second, all these countries compete with each other in a narrow range of products, particularly in textiles, apparel, and other light manufactured goods.

Under the work of this Technical Committee, Member states have been exchanging Germplasm, Breeding Materials on Livestock and Fishery in accordance with the quarantine regulations in force in their respective countries. The Convention seeks to reinforce and supplement at the regional level, the relevant international conventions and promote regional cooperation among member states in both law enforcement and demand reduction.

In addition, a process of simplification of visa procedures and requirements is in place to assist business people to accelerate promotion of trade and tourism within the region. Among many other, they resolved to implement appropriate polices at the national level to achieve the targets and objectives set out in the Rawalpindi Resolution adopted at the end of the Third SAARC Ministerial Conference on Children of South Asia held in Augustincluding the call to eliminate the evil of child labour by the Year Despite these challenges, however, I think there is still enough scope for Indian exporters to increase their trade with the SAARC region.


Both Sri Lanka and Nepal have shown their interests to enhance intra regional trade. A Directory of training programmes in six priority areas, i. The Agreement envisages cooperation in implementing the relevant SAARC decisions relating to Children through an annual agenda which include joint studies, exchange of documentation and monitoring of implementation.

At the Colombo Summit in Decemberthe Heads of State or Government approved the establishment of IGG to seek agreement on an institutional framework under which specific measures for trade liberalisation among SAARC member states could be furthered.

At present, there are no such Action Committees. The Summit welcomed the ISACPA report and expressed its commitment to eradicate poverty from South Asia preferably by the Year through an agenda of action which would, inter-alia, include a strategy of social mobilization, policy of decentralised agricultural development and small-scale labour-intensive industrialisation and human development.EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OF INDIA WORKING PAPER NO.

31 POTENTIAL FOR ENhANcING INTRA-SAARc TRADE: A BRIEF ANALySIS EXIM Bank’s Working Paper Series is an attempt to disseminate the findings of.

Not only is global trade volume of Saarc member countries small, intra-region trade is also low.

Intra-Saarc trade accounts for less than 5 per cent of the total trade. India today asked its South Asian neighbours to increase intra-regional trade as a cushion against slowdown in exports to the US and European markets.

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Economic Relationship among SAARC Nations

India in SAARC’s history so far, had mostly been one of the many founder member countries & had never used its soft power, heft in trade and its political influence to establish its position as a leader amongst the nations in the blo.

India for increased intra-SAARC trade to beat slowdown. India on Wednesday asked its South Asian neighbours to increase intra-regional trade as a cushion against slowdown in exports to the US and European markets. Working Paper Enhancing Intra-SAARC Trade: Pruning India’s Sensitive List under SAFTA Nisha Taneja Saon Ray Neetika Kaushal Devjit Roy Chowdhury.

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Indias intra saarc trade position
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