Is it necessary to celebrate black

Historically, Black History Month has been seen as an opportunity for black youth to focus on the power and lineage from which we hail. Until the true history of Black Americans is properly told in public schools. If someone asked you if you thought black histroy month was necessary what would you say?

Setting aside only one month, they say, gives people license to neglect this past for the remaining eleven months.

Why I Celebrate Black History Month And Why You Should Too

But, honestly, I am more proud of my American family lineage than my European lineage. Until then, this is why we celebrate Black History Month. I can trace my family back years to different countries in Europe. After all, how can any pastor, priest, or otherwise justify such barbarism against verses like Galatians 3: In 3rd grade, I sat in Rosa Parks lap and was so overwhelmed with joy that I had to be physically removed.

And they also get jobs as teachers, filmmakers, lawyers, doctors and as the President of the United States. On that day we will all look back at the history—not just of a single race but of people from every nation, tribe, and tongue —and see that our Creator had a plan all along.

Heroes like these and many more deserve honor for the sacrifice and suffering they endured for the sake of racial equality. It resulted in a revolution of creative ingenuity that has literally transformed the way people live worldwide.

Once again white nationalism and bigotry are a threat to marginalized groups of people. And dividing us makes us easier to conquer.

But there is another problem with such a focus on identifying as African-American. We hear about the poverty rates, incarceration rates, and high school drop out rates. Ford expanded African American week into a full month. Heroes like these and many more deserve to be honored for the sacrifice and suffering they endured for the sake of racial equality.

Unfortunately it seems that, apart from an intentional effort otherwise, Black history is often lost in the mists of time. Just saying the words, "Black History Month" could piss some folks off. That gives you a sense of history to bond with here? Harmful, divisive rhetoric can be seen on every talk show, read in any comment section, and overhead in any public conversation.

When asked how they celebrated Black History Month, one white student said: To be a black parent is to be on edge, anxiously waiting as long as possible to inform your children they must navigate a world that never intended for them to succeed.

National pride is a good thing. God said that a house divided cannot stand…but oh the power of unity! Just like a poor person must break the poverty mentality in order to become rich.

Why is it important to celebrate black history month with your kids?

Black history month is a time to remember the path that African Americans have created in order for us to succeed. A slave must break the mental chains of slavery in order to be truly free. And we are daily subject to unfair stereotypes and assumptions from a culture that is, in some aspects, still learning to accept us.

5 Reasons You Should Celebrate Black History Month

So I guess my question is, what makes blacks in America so desperate to identify with Africans?5. Celebrating Black History Month Reminds Us All that Black History Is Our History It pains me to see people overlooking Black History Month because Black history—just like Latino, Asian, European, and Native American history—belongs to all of us.

Black and White, men and women, young and old. While not everyone agrees Black History Month is a good thing, here are several reasons why I think it’s appropriate to celebrate this occasion.

Is It Necessary to Celebrate Black History Month in the 21 St Century

The History of Black History Month. First, let’s briefly recount the advent of Black History Month. to celebrate this month because they are unaware of how imporatant black americans are to today\'s. world. Black History is only a small portion of what is taught in schools.

It is important for all americans to learn about Black History because they need to learn about Black Americans contibution to today\'s. society. Although his comment was offensive and a bit hurtful, it wasn’t time to take it personal.

It was imperative that he being a White male working with Black children in the ghettoes of the South side of Chicago, completely understand why it’s very necessary to celebrate Black History Month. Allow me to school you like I schooled him. The seed of what is now known as Black History Month was advocates of Black History Month argue that a special month is needed to celebrate and recognize It is important to discuss issues.

Why I Celebrate Black History Month And Why You Should Too As a black woman who's attended predominately white schools my entire life, when it comes to "racist-ish" comments, I’ve heard and seen it all -- especially during black history month.

Is it necessary to celebrate black
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