No smoking allowed on the job or off at weyco

The policy would lower medical costs significantly, and The ban would promote healthier lifestyles. In the absence of legislation, however, employers may choose to implement a policy that bans smoking on-the-job and on employer premises. Dan from Michigan Weyco founder Howard Weyers said previously that he instituted the tough anti-smoking rule to shield his company from high health care costs.

These lifestyle statutes prevent an employer from terminating an employee or refusing to hire an applicant who smokes tobacco -- a product lawfully sold in the United States.

Find out what you need to know to avoid becoming the target of lawsuits. I guess he would know. Charging Smokers More But, Lessack cautioned, employers should proceed cautiously, lest they find themselves the target of lawsuits.

Only check they can get is Unemployment. Many have rules against firing someone because of legal activities they do outside of work. New hire Scott Rodrigues was a smoker, but he never smoked at work or on company property.

He was fired immediately. Vote for true conservatives! Those smokers will become rich. Dan from Michigan Should the company also be allowed to bar people from having sex because maternity leave is so expensive to the bottom line?

Others are achieving this result by imposing bans on smoking in public places, including places where employees work. You can be fired for engaging in lawful activity in your personal life outside of work hours In these states, employers have a statutory obligation to ensure a smoke-free workplace for employees.

More companies are going to do this Dan from Michigan I agree with all your points. Lessack, a partner at Pepper Hamilton. Conversely, if an employer offers a smoking cessation program that meets the benefits of a bona fide wellness program and a smoker participates, the employer cannot impose a higher charge on the smoker.

Give us your opinion in the comments section below. An article by Susan Lessack on the risks associated with policies that address smoking on and off the job will be published in the November issue of Employee Relations Law Journal. He argued that he had a reasonable right to privacy outside of work.

This will not last long. May 18, Employers seeking to discourage employees from smoking by instituting bans on their off-the-job activities or imposing higher health care premiums for smokers, should proceed cautiously to ensure their actions comply with the law.

Other jurisdictions, such as Connecticut, expressly forbid firing or discipline based on tobacco use away from the workplace.No Smoking Allowed On the Job or Off Case Study Analysis.

Topics: Employment Next, it is important that existing employees affected by the change, as was the case at Weyco, be given the tools and opportunity to quit.

I feel 15 months was an ample amount of time, given the tools the organization supplied, to make lifestyle changes if one. employers have the right to restrict or ban smoking by employees off the job, as Weyco did?

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Can HR ban smoking – on AND off the job?

Jan 24,  · Weyco fires 4 employees for refusing smoking test AP ^ | 1 as many as 14 quit smoking before the policy went into place. Weyco offered them smoking cessation help, Climes said.

"That is absolutely a victory," Climes said. If you say yes, you are out - no exceptions. This job was a tremendous opportunity for her and she has.

I see no comparison to the banning of a harmful substance in the workplace to employee rights to do as they see fit off the job, and while I DO find it reasonable and acceptable to ban smoking in the workplace (for the very illustration you provide) I DO NOT find it acceptable to ban the hiring of smokers.

A ban on hiring smokers? It’s not that simple

No Smoking Allowed Case Assignment 1. The key stakeholders in this case are the employees of Weyco, and the owners of the Weyco Company. 2. The interests of the employees in this case are their privacy to be able to do what they want on their own time, and to have a work environment that does not hinder their addiction to the nicotine in.

Feb 08,  · Weyco, insurance benefits administrator in Okemos, Mich, has adopted new policy that fires employees who smoke off the job; company's policy is within bounds of employment law in Michigan; state.

No smoking allowed on the job or off at weyco
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