Parental expectations in romeo and juliet

Is Capulet hoping Paris will find someone else and stop asking about Juliet? Montague is comparing his son to a flower bud being eaten away from the inside by a worm, so that he will be ruined before he has a chance to bloom.

Now she has to pretend that she needs to pray forgiveness for all that. Lady Capulet enters and says, "What, are you busy, ho? She says, "Faith, here it is. Benvolio tells her that he saw Romeo wandering in the woods before dawn, but that because it looked as if Romeo wanted to be left alone, he left him alone.

Peter, who cannot read, offers a touch of humor to this scene, especially in the way his illiteracy leads him to invite two Montagues to the party while expressly stating that no Montagues are invited. She says she has been where she has learned to repent for being disobedient to her father.

However, when she is sure that Romeo really does intend marriage, the Nurse is very happy, and almost goes off on a fond story about when Juliet was "a little prating thing" 2.

A "harlotry" is a good-for-nothing wench, and "it" is a word used for an infant; Capulet thinks Juliet is a spoiled brat who wants to have everything her own way.

The ease with which Juliet manipulates him is almost comic. Capulet dispatches a servant, Peter, to invite a list of people to the feast. Thus parental influence in this tragedy becomes a tool of fate: Then, before Romeo has a chance to reply, the Friar correctly guesses that "Our Romeo hath not been in bed to-night" 2.

In the process, the scene establishes how Juliet is subject to parental influence. In this scene, Capulet appears to be a kind-hearted man. When Juliet appears, she says to her mother, "Madam, I am here. Capulet, who made terrible threats against Juliet when she opposed his will, is an affectionate parent when he gets his way.

Later he will have a drastic change of heart about this issue. Then Juliet appears and says that Friar Laurence has taught her to obey her father, so she is ready to marry Paris. Then the Nurse reasons that, since Romeo will never come back and Paris is available, Juliet should marry Paris.

But his power to force her into a marriage if he feels it necessary is implicitly present. I say, he shall: The Nurse is the one who calls Juliet nicknames; Lady Capulet is the one whom Juliet addresses as "madam.

Lady Montague who in the earliest version of the play is designated only as "wife" shows a motherly concern for her son.

As the Friar talks about how Romeo has wept and sighed for Rosaline, we see that Romeo has confided in him more than he has in his parents or his friend Benvolio. Romeo agrees to go with him, but only because Rosaline herself will be there. Then Lady Capulet tells her daughter that she has a surprise for her that will surely cheer her up.

Romeo and Juliet

He stops crying, stops threatening to kill himself, gets up, and goes to Juliet. Juliet has no power because she is a woman.

Then she kneels and says exactly what her father wants to hear: Benvolio tells Romeo that the feast will be the perfect opportunity to compare Rosaline with the other beautiful women of Verona. He tells Benvolio that Romeo is often out in the the woods: In using the word "cross" of herself, Juliet may be making a rueful joke to herself.

Therefore he concludes that Romeo has awakened early because something is bothering him.In the Prologue, the Chorus tells us that Romeo and Juliet is a play about domestic conflict.


"Two households" (that would be the Montagues and the Capulets), "both alike in dignity" (of the same social standing) are going to be involved in a rather messy, and uncivil family feud. Themes and Motifs in Romeo and Juliet: Parenthood. The Nurse, talking with Romeo about his arrangements for the wedding between himself and Juliet, expresses parental worry that Romeo might be trying to take advantage of Juliet's youthful innocence and says to him, "the gentlewoman is young; and.

Romeo and Juliet Parental Expectations Parental expectations are basically the way parents expect their kids to live their lives.

The definition of expectation is “the act of expecting; to have a prospect of future good or profit”. Culturally Responsive Lesson Plan Romeo and Juliet: Exploring personal connections with the text Valerie Rodriguez A study of the times and discussion of societal and parental expectations can help students understand why Romeo and Juliet reacted secretly to their Romeo and Juliet was probably based on an Italian romance.

What is the influence of the parents in Romeo and Juliet?

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Romeo, of course, is still lovelorn for Rosaline; but the audience can tell at this point that Romeo will meet Juliet at the feast, and expectations begin to rise. Through Shakespeare’s ingenious manipulation of the plot, the audience starts to feel the rustlings of approaching fate.

Parental expectations in romeo and juliet
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