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Soon after the end of World War II, there was a large surge for real estate funds. Also during this time, REITs were not allowed to manage or operate their real estate, only own it.

Stock and bond investment companies were able to overturn this type of taxation rather promptly. This belief has begun to change for a number of factors. In those years, before strong taxation laws were in place, investors could avoid double taxation because trusts were not taxed at the corporate level if income was distributed to beneficiaries.

They thought that the most attractive way was to invest in the stock market through the use of a REIT.

At the end of Octoberits value Reits research papers the same as it had been precisely four years earlier in October "Invest" par. The index is often considered one of the best performance gauges of the US Stock Market.

It is from the purchase of equity that shareholders can earn a pro-rata share of the economic profits bound through the ownership of commercial real estate. Most people are content with some level of short-term risk in their investments, while they take comfort in the commonly held belief that the stock market will rise in the long-term.

Initially, REITs were largely ignored due to the fact that the majority of investors preferred to invest in real estate through limited partnerships because the tax laws favored those tax shelters available only to partnerships.

During this low point in commercial real estate, private companies started looking for other methods of investing.

Congress did just this by creating the REIT in In however, the market suffered a remarkable downturn and commercial property values dropped making the debt financing for commercial real estate essentially unavailable. The plan for this legislation was to make it was easier for smaller investors to invest in large-scale real estate properties.

Even with US interest rates reaching 30 year lows, people are no longer prepared to risk their retirement money on a system that seems to get more volatile with every passing month.

However, REITs were unable to secure legislation to overturn the decision for the next 30 years. Since this index serves as one of the best indicators of stock performance in the US, it is fair to state that the average long-term investor would have been better off with their money in their bank account rather than invested in stocks or mutual funds.

In this Reits research papers era of investment, there is a need, now more than ever, to find new avenues in which investors can diversify their portfolios and minimize their risk. Also, interest rates had started to drop and investors were turned to the stock market instead of continuing to invest with certificate of deposits and bonds that only returned a fixed rate.

It is an average of 30 large blue-chip corporations and has been in existence since A Nareit research paper by Alexandra Thompson examines office property markets. The analysis finds that office REITs have increased their holdings within secondary cities sincein order to benefit from robust population and employment growth, and increase returns for investors.

6 | REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUSTS $1 $10 $ $1, LOG SCALE NOMINAL DPS - SCALED CPI Source: Research Affiliates, based on data from and Bloomberg Although total dividends of the REIT indices have been increasing, the major driver of flat nominal DPS has been an increase in the denominator, the number of shares outstanding.

Research Papers Paper 1: Can Securitization Work? Lessons from the U.S. REIT Market, presented by Timothy Riddiough, E.J. Plesko Chair in the Department of Real Estate and Urban Economics, University of Wisconsin School of Business Paper 2: Returns, Volatility, and Information Transmission Dynamics in Public and Private Real Estate Markets, presented by David Ling, McGurn Professor in the.

The following paper will provide some history and background about REITs’ origins, outline what REITs are, and demonstrate how REITs operate. The main focus will be on equity REITs, but it will also cover basic information on mortgage and hybrid REITs/5(1).

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Abstract: This research paper reports on the effectiveness and efficiency of REITs performance in Malaysia.

This research paper studies the factors that influence the effectiveness and efficiency of .

Reits research papers
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