Self disclosure peer review essay

It is also important to realize that there is always an opportunity for repair of the relationship; if the social worker senses that too much personal information has been shared, they can ask the client how it has affected them. The topics typically would incorporate many self-help techniques, which were grounded in a biblical foundation.

Although burdening the client with the therapists thoughts, expressions and feelings would not be helpful, the therapists should be aware of their own feelings and then decide rather it needs to be expressed or is even appropriate to express Wosket Based on my personality and the habits I had formed from leading Bible studies, I knew the area of self-disclosure would be challenging for me.

As my experience in my internship expands, I am beginning to feel more comfortable with my therapeutic style, and have been able to practice the art of self-disclosure.

Smith College Studies in Social Work, 65, This allowed for redirection and deeper therapeutic discussion. If done correctly, self- Therapist Self-disclosure 4 disclosure can be very useful and helpful for the client Donigian In other words, therapists, too, can reveal their feelings, the reasons for some of their behaviors, acknowledge the blind spots, and demonstrate respect for the feedback group members offer them.

This led into a discussion on self-care with an example of a cup that gets filled until it overflows with water. The research on this subject can give me parameters when I am considering utilizing self-disclosure.

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The client may learn the extent to which the therapist and client are similar and to what extent they differ in thoughts, hopes, and the past. There are many ethical ways for a counselor to self-disclose. Deciding whether self-disclosure could be a therapeutic mistake or intervention is a question many practitioners ask themselves.

Do not jump in to direct the conversation or change the focus from what the group member is saying. Avoid by all means labeling or judging.

Theripist Self-Disclosure in Group Therapy

Self disclosure peer review essay self-disclosure in theory, research, and practice. My current internship is at a suburban hospital in the outpatient adult behavioral health area, facilitating group therapy.

Although my character traits contribute to my struggle with self-disclosure, discussion in many of my social work classes indicates that this is something with which other social work students struggle.

Because I was aware of my characteristic of being forthcoming with people, I was able to tell my supervisor early on that this was going to be an area to which I would need to pay close attention. I would like to share a few experiences I have had in my current internship with self-disclosure, how I handled them, and what I learned from them.

She helped me understand how powerful it can be to stay in the present moment, focusing on the group members and subject matter, and opening the topic up to the group for greater reflection and insight. Psychotherapy Networker Magazine, 36, Group psychotherapists may, just like other members in the group, openly share their thoughts and feelings in a judicious and responsible manner, respond to others authentically, and acknowledge or refute motives and feelings attributed to them.

If a therapist is disclosing for the good of the client, it then may be ethical, but some questions still remain. Try to figure out what the message is, what the client is really saying and what feelings the client is experiencing right now. Social workers differ in their opinions about self-disclosure; for example, psychodynamically trained therapists typically disclose less often than others Gibson, He was a mentor to many of the teens and would support them when they needed someone to listen to them, or when they asked for guidance and advice.

If it is to serve the needs of the counselor in any way, or to create an instant client-counselor bond without trying anything else, then it is probably unethical. Several types of treatment provide opportunities for therapeutic self-disclosure.

There are dynamics that need to be considered, such as timing, how symptomatic the client is, and if the social worker believes it will be for the benefit and welfare of the client. What I learned from this experience is that when the response to the question is reflected back to the client, it can instill hope and worth within the client.

Before writing this article, I did not realize that there was so much controversy around the use of self-disclosure in therapy. Therapist Self-disclosure 5 Many of these models have entered the therapeutic mainstream and include clinician-facilitated self-help groups.

The client may learn of the therapists needs, enabling the client to decide to help or to ensure that the therapists needs not be met.

Download a PDF of this article As a social work student, I am frequently conflicted about the use of self in a therapeutic relationship with a client.

The Effects of Counselor Self-Disclosure

Instead of responding in a personal manner, I stated that we all had love and compassion in our hearts to give to others.Self-disclosure has long been a topic of interest in the counseling and psychotherapy literature.

In an effort to provide a more contemporary perspective on the role of self-disclosure in counseling, this article reviews research on the effects of counselor self-disclosure. Studies appearing since the early s up to the present time are examined Once all studies are summarized, observations.

Reviews research on the effects of counselor self-disclosure, examining studies from the early s to the present.

Summarizes studies and offers observations, evaluations, and recommendations about the counselor self-disclosure literature, along with suggestions for improving future research. (TE). Order Description Self-disclosure has long been a topic of interest in the counseling and psychotherapy literature.

In an effort to provide a more contemporary perspective on the role of self-disclosure, please review a peer-reviewed journal article on the effects of clients verses counselor self-disclosure.

Provide a two page summary of what is meant by the [ ]. Self Disclosure Essay example Words | 5 Pages. a boy friend, a new job or any new relationship, but disclosing can also happen with people we have known for a long time or not.

Implications for the concept of self disclosure are discussed. (Author) Descriptors: Essay Tests, Psychological Studies, Self Congruence, Self Evaluation.

For both the peer and professional, the key to effective self disclosure is ongoing supervision. Clinical supervision will assist the practitioner to learn from his or her experience and ensure good service to .

Self disclosure peer review essay
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