Studiopress vs thesis 2012

I use the original Lifestyle and have modified it so much you wouldnt know its a Genesis theme. I look at it from a perspective of how will this impact the server, how can it be made more efficient, because in the end, quality content and the speed you deliver it are crucial to success. Headway has been doing the drag-drop thing for a long time now, so I think those two are coverging, and their potential clients drag-drop fans may find that useful.

The new drag and drop system for Thesis blows Genesis out of the way. Thank you for using TechWelkin! Excellent responsive child themes and an impressive community, just to mention two of them. Studiopress vs thesis 2012 site will be a teachers site so Gensis may have more template ideas for me.

I also have written a tutorial about this in my blog. Hopefully it will get better with updates, but for now, I recommend Genesis.

Lyn Leon January 30, at My move to another theme was less about any love lost for Thesis and more about finding what I needed in one theme and at the right time. Information This section allows you to enable the ability to display theme information in the document source.

Genesis comparisons, and nice post Jean. I still use both 1. You are even allowed to develop websites based on your copy of Genesis and sell these websites to your clients!

The Genesis frame is a WordPress theme the is ready to use out of the box, however, once you incorporate one of the many child themes you have a highly optimised and professional WordPress theme with many more enhancements over your standard WordPress theme. Ready to use design with child themes — Once you get Genesis with a child theme, your can immediately start blogging without any further customizations.

It visually presents you with a barrage of options. Genesis uses state of the art code and design structure to allow the search engines to find your content easily.

The next screenshot is about the robot meta settings which you can apply sitewide for better optimisation of your WordPress Blog.

Not a coder per se, and this combo gives me some serious power. That where thesis comes out on top. I looked, and well, Thesis does have a pretty interface to lots of Google fonts, just as loads of themes do now.

Woo themes, theme forest make great looking themes, but efficient, not in the slightest. When new updates are available, you will see a notification at the top of your WordPress admin panel. You can choose whether to use the WordPress custom menulist of pages, or a list of categories sorted by different criteria.

There are some very smart people using genesis. For straightforward basic sites however, drag and drop is a good idea and gives more power to non-coders.Which WordPress theme is better: Thesis or Genesis?

Why? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Thesis vs Genesis is indeed a battle worth following!

Why I Switched to Genesis Theme from Thesis Theme

Until studiopress themes was launched by copyblogger, Thesis was ruling like a king! Though I would say, it struck it's own fate badly with the poor portability management. Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress by StudioPress review.

Genesis Framework by Studiopress Vs The Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

In depth review for the Genesis Theme Framework and tutorial with detailed instructions. StudioPress Genesis Framework for WordPress Review. by Eugen Oprea on January 15, if Genesis is so good, why are you running Thesis on your site instead of Genesis?

and can you. Thesis vs Genesis – A Comparison Last updated: November 14th, | By: Jean Galea | 43 Responses There are thousands of premium WordPress themes out there, but perhaps the most long-standing and popular ones are Thesis from DIYthemes and Genesis from StudioPress.

Why I Ditched The Thesis WordPress Theme

Thesis vs Genesis is indeed a battle worth following! Until studiopress themes was launched by copyblogger, Thesis was ruling like a king!

Though I would say, it struck it's own fate badly with the poor portability management. Users of Thesis 1.x.

Understanding The StudioPress Genesis Framework January 21, By RonGc 10 Comments The Genesis Framework from Studiopress is a smart starting point for anyone wanting to build websites with WordPress. Genesis Or Thesis theme?

StudioPress Genesis Framework for WordPress Review

Find out why I ditched Thesis WordPress theme for Genesis, after using it for 5 years. Thesis 2.x was launched back inand that killed every last hope I had for Thesis to be the best theme available to me. There was no easy way to migrate our existing Thesis x design over to Thesis backed by a much.

Studiopress vs thesis 2012
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