The rate of vicious crime against women in afghanistan china and iran

It's a crime to be a woman in Iran

The plight of women facing domestic violence is made still worse by archaic divorce laws that permit a man simply to declare himself divorced, while making it extremely difficult for a woman to obtain a divorce, Human Rights Watch said.

In fairness, much has improved for Afghan women since the Taliban were ejected from power. Michelsen Institute explains, campaigners face a strategic dilemma: Her execution has been postponed because she got pregnant while on a short leave from prison. Men also have the right of the custody of the children after divorce.

In many cases the woman is sent back to her violent home.

Crimes Against Women: Islamic vs. feminist perspectives

Until these shortcomings are recognized there will not be any progress. The more children in a family, the more likely domestic violence will occur towards women.

Increase In Afghan Violence Against Women

Kar says men can use this right as a way of threatening their wives. Claim rapes have turned out to be a matter of wanting dowry or restoring honour.

Last week, a year-old girl killed herself in her cell to escape hanging. But, she said, "When we are dealing with extremism there is pushback, every step of the way there is pushback.

There is much more that could be said, but I will defer to Dr. It remains to see what will happen to men who beat and abuse women inside the privacy of their homes. She has been subjected to mock stoning on two occasions - buried up to her chest and threatened with death unless she co-operated.

Few women try to escape a violent home because they are economically dependant on their husbands. However, she adds the government is opposed to it. It does so by setting up an unequal legal system and not punishing assault even when it has resulted in severe injury or at times even death.

Many working women are targeted and often killed by extremists. The Afghan government made a commitment to reform these laws in under its National Action Plan for Women in Afghanistan, and a committee of experts drafted a new Family Law that would improve the rights of women.

Yet, a clear pattern has emerged. There were bruises all over my face and I had pain all over my body. I want the government to punish him in the most severe manner possible.An Afghan rights watchdog says there has been a dramatic increase in the number of reported cases of violence against women this year compared to The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights.

Violence against women in Afghanistan: Getting away with murder serious cases often involve women who do not have the resources or support to actually go to the police to report the crime, she says.

In the conservative province of Khost, there is a massive conviction rate. These figures may seem surprising, but if you have a closer look.

Violence against women in Afghanistan: Getting away with murder

Aug 26,  · The British government said in a report in early July that "documented cases of violence against women have risen" in the first half ofwith 5, cases reported to the Afghanistan Independent Human.

Domestic violence on the rise in Afghanistan. Drug abuse, unemployment and impunity contribute to abuse against Afghan women. "The most effective violence against women is the threat to take the children away and because for women, with their motherly nature, having to endure being away from their children is the worst.

The Rate of Vicious Crime Against Women in Afghanistan, China and Iran ( words, 3 pages) This incident reflects typical crimes and injustices against women in the Third World countries.

Crimes against women include abuse, slavery, false imprisonment, murder and rape.

The rate of vicious crime against women in afghanistan china and iran
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