The tata nano case

On the other hand, they also consider many factors such as the safety, reliability,durability and mileage as well. Therefore, the responsible person of the family use two-wheeler,as the mode of travel with his family.

Because, the population of the India is cost conscious. This is just a sample partical work. That could provide the idea of the Nano, and how was it formulated and for whom.

Tata Nano – The Peoples Car Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Indeed, the Tata Nano is better than the two-wheelers for many reasons, such as it is safe, reliable and affordable. Furthermore, it can be determined that, India has strong family system, where there is The tata nano case concept of living separately from the family except for education or job purpose.

Since, the cost of car is much less and affordable. So, the company should start a marketing campaign for those customers and give them chance to drive the car, ensure that quality is better, and competitive to the other market products.

Furthermore, it can be determined that, company is currently facing some problems after an event at the car showroom, where a car had just blown up out of fire, due the short circuit.

But, due to some financial problems and hindrance that could not allow him to havecar,to ensure the safety of his family. Marketing Strategy The marketing strategy of the Nano is to change the niche position, to the mainstream product for the targeted population.

On the other hand, other peoples also suspected the reliability of the car, due to the low price. Therefore, the company would be able approach its target population from all dimensions, and assure the quality of car that would mitigate the negative aspect……….

Consequently, the Nano was a good choice for the company, to make it against the two-wheelers and target those peoples having been using the two-wheelers, as the mode of travel throughout their daily routine.

Similarly, here lies the gap that Nano has to fit in it. Similarly, the company should make a documentary over the manufacturing of the Nano. Since, the increased risk was drive force for the Tata group to fill that gap in the market.

Tata Nano – The People's Car

Consequently, the upgrade version of the two-wheelers, to the Tata Nano was a good choice for the company. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution. Meanwhile, the increasing traffic on roads had created complexities for the two-wheeler travelers, to safely travel on roads with their family and children.

Round Two: Repositioning The Tata Nano Case Solution & Answer

Meanwhile, here comes Nano as a dream of many peoples to have car reliable, safe, and affordable also with good mileage. LinkedIn Positioning of the Nano The purpose of the Tata Nano was to target those peoples, families, and couples who used the two-wheeler as the mode of travel throughout their daily routine.

Meanwhile, it is their tradition and culture to live with the family together. Furthermore, the people suspect the quality of car.It’s been a rough season for Tata Motors’ much-publicized “people’s car,” the Nano.

In November, while overall auto sales in India’s booming economy rose more than 22%, Tata sold only Nanos, down precipitously from the 9, it sold the previous July, news that’s been trumpeted in disparaging headlines from New York to Sydney. To expand their business and profit, they build Tata Nano for middle-class families.

Consumers: As it costs half the price of its nearest competitor in India, Tata Nano is the dream car for the nearly million strong Indian middle class.5/5(3). Essay Tata Nano Case Study. CASE STUDY ON TATA NANO TATA MOTORS HAS UNVEILED THE WORLD'S CHEAPEST MOTOR NANO CAR The case discusses the making of Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car, manufactured by India based Tata Motors.

On March 30,Tata Nano was launched with an ex-factory price tag of INR(about US$ ). The case explores how Tata Motors, India's largest automobile company, developed the Nano, the world's cheapest car. The case focuses on the translation of Ratan Tata's (chairman of Tata Motors) vision of a safe affordable car for the masses by Ravi Kant, managing director of.

The mission began back inwhen Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Motors and the $50 billion Tata conglomerate, set a challenge to build a "people's car". Tata gave three requirements for the new vehicle: It should be low-cost, adhere to regulatory requirements, and achieve performance targets such as fuel efficiency and acceleration capacity.4/4(8).

The case is considered as Tata Motors, India's largest automobile company, has developed the Nano, the cheapest car in the world. The case focuses on the translation of Ratan Tata's (chairman of Tata Motors) vision of safe affordable car for the masses Ravi Kant, managing director of .

The tata nano case
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