Unpleasant surprise

Usually Lady Laurel was always gentle and had only kind words for her. Then she shook her head slowly. There was a fire burning low in the fireplace, casting long shadows over the bookshelves.

You took advantage of her innocence and forced your However, I am prepared to dismiss your insults tonight, next time I might not be so generous. The huge grandfather clock in the hall, struck two in Unpleasant surprise morning as she approached the door.

You the only reason you kissed her is because you knew I want her too. No doubt, she could place herself in his care and she would be sure Unpleasant surprise would never compromise her reputation. Well, he would make Grayson sorry for dismissing him, and as for Laurel, He broke into an evil smile as a thought occurred to him.

The Duke however, was another matter. He could feel himself shaking with the rage that consumed him, and he took several deep breaths to calm himself. Good evening Rosehaven" The Duke spun on his well heeled boots and strode purposefully back into the ballroom, leaving Lord Giles staring at his back in complete and utter hatred.

The whispering and moaning grew louder, and she followed the sound, then stopped in shock at the sight before her.

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Perhaps I had too much lemonade, you know how the lemons give me headaches. She grimaced as she recalled the wanton way she had responded to him; not at all like the well-bred daughter of a duke should respond.

Benedict swore, a vicious curse that made Laurel blush, and sat Unpleasant surprise, blinking at his sister in irritation. Or is it none of my business? However, sleep would not come, and after a few hours of tossing about restlessly, she got up and donned her robe once more, then fetched a candle from the dresser and lit it.

Apparently, Rosehaven was taking this matter far too seriously to be laughed off as the mere ravings of a jealous lover. Lord Giles stood there, a murderous look on his face. Laurel opened the door and walked down the dark hall in the direction of the library, the sound of her footsteps muffled by the carpet that ran the length of the hallway.

Lord Giles cursed, deliberate and fluently. Report Story Grayson watched the little fiery vixen in amusement as she stalked majestically back to the brightly lit ballroom. She shrieked and sprung off Benedict, grabbing her discarded gown to cover herself.

Will I see you in the morning? In fact I have just witnessed you in action. A sure sign he was struggling to hold on to his temper.

Agatha opened the door slightly and peered through the crack, then quickly withdrew and opened the door wider with a curtsy, as the duchess swept regally into the room. Laurel gasped in horror, and fascination as she watched the two of them. What evil had possessed her so?

Now she knew that sleep would be impossible, not with so many thoughts clamoring for prominence in her head. Then she dismissed her maid, and divested herself of the robe, moving to the bed and slipping beneath the silk covers and shutting her eyes.

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Placing her palm against her hot cheek sliding down to the floor, she shut her eyes and a few minutes later, drifted into a fitful sleep.

She was drawn out of her reverie by a sharp knock. She paused before the ornate door of the library, listening to make sure no one was within, but then she heard voices and whispering.

Of course, she would pay for her perfidy, he would see to that. It was refreshing to meet a woman who did not cower and flirt, but was not afraid to hit him and call him names. She motioned for her maid to check the door and quickly crossed the plush green carpet, to scoop up her robe from Unpleasant surprise divan.

I simply need to think. Benedict lay sprawled on the carpet, naked as the day he was born, and on top of him, also naked, head thrown back in ecstasy, moaning softly, was her best friend, Lady Amelia Farnsworth.

He heard a rustle in the bushes behind him and turned quickly. She frowned at the door, wondering who would be about at this hour, then set down the candle and gripped the door handle tightly and opened it slowly.

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Grayson watched the.

Unpleasant surprise
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