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Similarly, among the Celts a juggler could be a clesamnach a performer of tricks or feats or a drLth fool. Hundreds of books and articles can be found concerning jesters, jongleurs, fools, clowns, magic, etc. These terms might actually refer to ball players in some kind of competitive ball games, rather than jugglers.

One way to simplify the juggling of many objects is what modern jugglers call "multiplexing. A vaudeville performer would typically develop one act and play it over and over; the most successful created unique stage personalities and signature pieces that an audience would recognize.

This article summarizes material I have found during some years of casual research in this area, and some of my own analyses and conclusions. Clayton, a tap dancer, later appeared with Jimmy Durante and with Eddie Jackson.

Almost all of the references I ultimately did find were in places that are too obscure to be found by computer searches. Although vaudeville was considered a lower form of entertainment, designed for an unsophisticated audience, famous personalities often worked vaudeville circuits to keep their names before the public or to bolster failing careers.

A mail-order course for hopeful performers suggested countless talents that might be developed into a vaudeville act. Photo by Pete Smith. Playing a vaudeville circuit would bring the performer into contact with a vast number of people.

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In fact, I have never seen any evidence that the medieval church ever specifically persecuted jugglers or juggling. And again, student should take good notes on what they find.

She was the daughter of Ruth Emma Dennis, an extremely independent, determined, and educated woman. Using computer searches for finding juggling publications is almost impossible, because the very vast majority of published material containing the word juggle does so only as a metaphor for coping with many problems at once, instead of being literally about juggling.

The story has many variants, and has been made into books, plays, and even an opera. A Roman, Tagatus Ursus A.

In addition to pictures, written references to juggling are also quite old. Oxford University Press, Also inChristoph Weiditz made drawings of Aztec jugglers. One historical example is from an eighteenth century french woodcut, which is reproduced in [9].

Jugglers Illuminated - the one on the right could be multiplexing [2][7][10]and British Museum. These records are for "flashes," where each object is thrown and caught at least once.

On the other hand, Oxford lists "jugglers tricks" in the derivation of the first definition of the word "prestige. Bob Hope played the Palace in and in Not even a year later, they founded Denishawn dance school and company in Los Angeles, California.

The Life of Ruth St. Denis

This paper focuses on juggling in the narrow sense of toss juggling. Denis in serious financial trouble. A wealth of information can be found on topics related to juggling history.


In particular, Truzzi provides historical descriptions of young girls juggling limes, gourds, or tui tui nuts in a shower pattern on the island of Tonga, a hobby which persists there to the present day. Please cite this article as a source if you use any of this material, or if you quote portions of it.

Teenage conjoined twins the Hilton Sisters played clarinet duets; the Albee Sisters sang and danced wearing evening gowns and fake mustaches. Enthusiasm and high energy would usually help put over an act, and speed was important.

For any number of objects greater than two, the shower pattern is much more difficult than the cascade or fountain.

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Inthe Town Council of Nuremberg hired a "ball-master" who juggled and taught others juggling and other skills. Modern definitions of juggling are somewhat inconsistent. In Japan, young girls play an old game called Otedama, which includes singing rhymes and juggling balls, again in a shower pattern.

Inthe Town Council of Nuremberg hired a "ball-master" who juggled and taught others juggling and other skills. Mostly deals with 19th and 20th century jugglers, but has some older material. They also represent the tradition of partner acts in vaudeville, which included such teams as Abbott and Costello and Burns and Allen.Search This Paper.

First Name. Last Name. Keywords. Search. Most Popular Pages. 23 Apr, Page 1 Views 6. New York Vaudeville News is a newspaper based in new-york-city, local news articles that tell the story of your ancestor's place and capture the growth of their local communities to research your genealogy.

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The goals of the Yiddish Theater and Vaudeville Research Group (hereafter "YTandV RG") are to: provide an electronic discussion group in the form of a JewishGen YTandV mailing list for those genealogists tracing relatives who were involved in Yiddish theater and/or vaudeville in any capacity, in any location, and in any time period.

Vaudeville research paper
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